How Guided Hands Works

Guided Hands™ is a portable, robust and lightweight mechanical device designed to support patients using a writing utensil with precision, ease and comfort.
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Our Technology

Our technology uses a simple sliding system composed of linear shafts and ball bearings.

The unique system promotes controlled and guided hand movements in all directions (horizontal, vertical and swivel hand motions). Guided Hands offers multiple ambidextrous handpieces that connect to a unique sliding platform to glide and support the hand during an activity.

The handpiece is also connected to an arm attachment that holds various writing utensils (paintbrush, pen, marker, stylus, etc) thus decreasing struggle, pain, and fatigue as reported by users. Guided Hands is patent pending.

Guided Hands is designed to use the patient’s gross motor skills in their shoulder to perform activities instead of their poor fine motor skills in the hand. The technology has been developed alongside 150 patients and health professionals including occupational therapists and neurologists across Canada and the US.

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