Who Are We?

ImaginAble Solutions creates assistive devices to improve the quality of life for people living with impaired motor movement.

Our Mission

To innovate assistive technology to help our customers regain their passion, independence and self-expression so they can live the life they have always imagined.

Our Story

Our journey began in 2018 when our Founder Lianna Genovese met Elissa, a talented painter living with Dystonia, a rare type of Cerebral Palsy. As her condition progressed, she experienced uncontrollable curling of her fingers making holding and using a paintbrush impossible.

Elissa had lost her confidence, passion, and creativity. Lianna invented the first prototype of Guided Hands™ as her school project at McMaster University where she heard Elissa’s story. Elissa’s passion was soon reignited, and she was able to paint again. Elissa is amongst millions of people with a medical condition or injury experiencing limited hand mobility. Lianna knew she had to seize the opportunity to innovate towards making an impact in the lives of others.

Guided Hands™ has been tested with over 150 neurologists, occupational therapists and patients living with various neurological disorders at local healthcare facilities. In 2019, Lianna met Bella, a child living with Cerebral Palsy at McMaster Children's Hospital.

Lianna Says

“ As soon as she painted, the widest smile spread across her face. She first painted, then used a pencil to write and then played a game on her iPad. She turned to her mom and said “Mom, I want one.” Her mother turned to me and asked, “How much is it?” At that point, the thought of selling Guided Hands™ had never crossed my mind. In that moment I found my passion and knew I had to bring this product to the world and help others like Bella.”

A week later Lianna created ImaginAble Solutions. Today, Lianna and her team are inspired to grow ImaginAble Solutions to enable people like Elissa and Bella to live the life they have always imagined!

Our Collaborators